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Vans Wängl Tängl Art Exhibition by Sideways

Vans Wängl Tängl Art Exhibition by Sideways overhours

The Looking Sideways art show opened last night at the Vans Wängl Tängl Presented by G-Shock in Mayrhofen, Austria. A couple of hundred party-goers and art fans checked out works on display by Fos, French, Blaise Rosenthal, Ed Templeton, Tristan Huber, Corey Smith, Schoph, Danny Wainwright, Danny Larsen and Tim Karpinski.

SWATCH Art Rules Design Competition

Overhours_art_rules_contest_Press (2)

Swatch and the TTR World Snowboard Tour are pleased to announce the third annual Swatch Art Rules Design Contest. It offers artists the chance of a lifetime to have their artwork featured on the 2012/13 TTR World Tour Trophy and matching Swatch Tour Watch. The TTR Trophy, which was sculpted by renowned “Coarse” designer, Mark Landwehr, acts as a blank canvas for artists to get creative. One lucky winner will have the honor of their [...]

Empty Memory by Logical Art


Today we present the Empty Memory Collection by Logical Art. The jewelry collection that also acts as USB sticks are designed and crafted by Yoo-Kyung Shin and Hanhsi Chen. Their idea was to make the technology invisible. The outcome are two beautiful styles of USB sticks in different colors. You can purchase them now from Logical Art.

Sponge Bob Goes Fashion


The Dutch illustrator Mike Frederiqo is turning the iconic yellow character into several Fashion icons. You can find out an entire series of Sponge Bob personifications like Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Terry Richardson and more.

Abbey Road Recreated with Peanuts Characters


The Beatles‘ iconic Abbey Road album cover was recreated with Peanuts characters on the asphalt at Universal Studios Japan.

Mr. Brainwash’s Art Show 2011

Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011 overhours

Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, shares the story of his journey to take over an abandoned industrial space in the center of Los Angeles for a massive art show. But before unveiling his own work, he invites the entire street art community to decorate the inside. The story behind Art Show 2011, artshow2011.com

Best of street art 2011

Best of street art 2011 overhours

Discover a collection of great street art pieces. A selection of the one that created a lot of talks in 2011. tell us what you think about it ?


streetfighter overhours

Not much to say… concept is great 3 artist does one canvas live and at the end of the party the canvas is done. Watch this video it’s amazing.

Takashi Murakami ‘Homage To Yves Klein’ Exhibition


Here is a sneak peak from the latest Takashi Murakami exhibition at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris – Homage To Yves Klein. Inspired by Klein, his artistic style and mostly his signature color, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has produced a new body of work. TAKASHI MURAKAMI « Homage to Yves Klein » 20/10/2011 – 07/01/2012 Galerie Perrotin 10, Impasse Saint Claude Paris Photography: Mathieu Vilasco/Highsnobiety.com

Beaded Skulls by Catherine Martin


Artist, traveler and collector Catherine Martin has been working on an interesting art project with the Huichol people. The native American ethnic group of central Mexico, Martin chose to work with them because of their expertise and history with beads. The outcome is a series of beaded skulls, featuring beautiful colorful patterns all over the upper. The skull will soon be available for purchase through LN-CC.

Estúpida Erikah by Conrad Roset

Estúpida Erikah by Conrad Roset overhours

It is not the first time that we are presenting conrad roset’s work and again he managed to surprise us with his poetry and very personal ink painting. plenty of colors for an underwater creation. definitely worth watching it specially if you are looking for a peaceful brake. Enjoy…

Alexandre Nicolas | Superhero Fetus Sculptures


Alexandre Nicolas, a french sculptor, created a series of superhero fetuses based on his personal favorite comic book characters. In addition to the superheros, Nicolas created one “accident” fetus of Adolf Hitler, complete with mustache and comb-over.

Absolut Blank video

Absolut Blank video overhours

The concept behind Absolut Blank is simply to use the silhouette of the bottle as a support for visual expression. A seection of artist have been gluing and painting elements. Result is simply amazing. Have a look !