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Visualtraveling presents ‘Holy Cow’ | video

Visualtraveling presents 'Holy Cow' | video

Visualtraveling presents ‘Holy Cow’ a short ten minute piece summarizing a month long journey through the chromatic & chaotic countries of South Asia. Pushing and on board were Walker Ryan, Laurence Keefe, Michael Mackrodt and Kenny Reed. Directed, filmed & edited by Patrik Wallner

HUF | commercial #032

HUF | commercial #032

Commercial for HUF footwear, now available at hufworldwide.com & your local HUF retailers. #032 featuring Joey Pepper, Keith Hufnagel, Johan Stuckey, and Dan Plunkett. Shot & cut by Martin Reigel.



Cliché Skateboards was founded in 1997 by French pro skateboarder Jeremie Daclin. Never one to buckle under the demands of the mainstream, Daclin has maintained an air of originality in Cliché through the company’s do-it-yourself approach to skateboarding as a brand. From organizing nomadic “Gypsy” skate tours, to collaborating with only the finest in skateboarding and street-wear brands and artists, Cliché has successfully made their mark on the American skateboard scene without ever losing touch [...]

Cliché Germany tour | video

Cliché Germany tour | video overhours

If you like skateboarding or Music you should first take part in our “Win a Deck” contest, Than you can watch the new release from french skateboarding brand Cliché. Beers, BBQ and skateboarding in Germany. Featuring Daniel Espinoza, JB Gillet, Flo Mirtain, Jeremie Daclin, Adrien Coillard and German flow skater Thomas Weber. Filmed and edited by Arnaud Chentil. Enjoy !

Cliché Israel tour | Skateboard video

Cliché Israel tour | Skateboard video overhours

French brand Cliché went on a tour to Israel, and shot this video in the style of the good old ones. loads of tricks, no slow motion and a feeling of truth. Check out what Flo Mirtain, Adrien Coillard, Javier Mendizabal, Jeremy Daclin, Charles Collet, Ricardo Fonseca and Boris Proust are giving in this edit.

Adidas Original ST Collection | Ciero Mid ST

Adidas Original ST Collection | Ciero Mid ST overhours

The soft suede adidas Ciero Mid ST is a direct descendant of the original best selling skate model. A contemporary update of these suede shoes mixes mesh and corduroy details and features an optical art graphic on the lining.

Street League x Eric Koston

Street League x Eric Koston overhours

In this edition of From the Street to the League Eric Koston talks about his early years of skating, run in’s with the police, hours of trying single tricks and other aspects of his skateboarding career. For more information and videos visit streetleague

D*Face Ridiculous Pool Paint attack.


Experimental and slightly mental. The D*Face spray paint skateboard interface. What better way to paint the pool then letting everyone get involved? With high-tech remotely controlled spray can apparatus mounted to the underside of skateboards…every line a skater took became the paint job of the pool.

Oxelo Skateboard | 9 days in INDIA

Oxelo Skateboard | 9 days in INDIA overhours

Where would you go if you would be a Skateboard pro rider ? Certainly not in India where skateboard is not even existing and where it is a challenge to find nice riding spots. This is the main interest of the video, Oxelo’s rider have been  filming their 9 days trip  between Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur et Agra.The outcome is surprising, it is definitely worth watching it.

Mark Gonzalez Adidas Tokyo

Capture d’écran 2011-06-27 à 22.21.13

Mark Gonzales in tokyo for the presentation of his new exhibition and enjoy the to ride the town under the Adidas brand.

Greg Hervieux x Palomares | Gold Skateboard

Greg Hervieux x Atelier Palomares Gold Skateboard

Artist Greg Hervieux worked with the talented french Palomares Atelier on a gold skateboard project.The skateboard deck is covered of a 22-Karat golden layer made by Anthony’s Palomares Atelier. This Art piece should symbolize the gap between street trend and an extreme luxurious process. The deck will be limited to 5 units. Photos: Julien Gosset source:VC

O’blue Thrashion | Recycled Skate Jewellery


These unusual handcrafted pieces of jewellery are made from old thrashed and broken skateboard decks. Skateboards are made from a 7 ply Canadian maple with a coloured, printed or stained outer layer. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and finished with beeswax which brings out the natural grain and colour of the wood. To make each piece of jewellery as ethical and eco-friendly as possible only the broken pieces of skateboard have been used. No two [...]

Andrew Reynolds x Emerica | Stay Gold B-Side

Andrew Reynolds x Emerica | Stay Gold B-Side overhours

There is always a reason why a video is making 100 000 views in a couple of days ! Skateboard star Andrew Reynolds is just going big and he gives everything in this video. Stairs handrails, 5 blocks at Paris Bercy etc… Emerica and Reynolds just did one of the coolest video of 2011 ! It is worth watching it.