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Shoe Repair by “Red wing shoes”

Shoe Repair by "Red wing shoes"

In a bygone era, cobblers lived in every major town and would both build new shoes and repair broken shoes for their customers. In some places, shoes are still made with hand-cut leathers and sewn on soles – shoes that can hold up for a decade rather than months – with proper repair… Meet the team who helps restore timeworn Red Wing shoes. If you prefer your boots to have a little history, you’ll appreciate the [...]

Filson x Red Wing

Filson x Red Wing

Outdoors brand Filson team up with Red Wing on a collection including footwear and apparel. The products are featuring Filson’s classic flannel print in red/black accented by Red Wing’s interpretation. It is clearly a classical collection that gets its freshness from materials mix. If you like Filson’s flannel these are must have. Source: Hb